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    • Washington Lee High School
  • Princeton HS 1On Tuesday, August 16, mentors from the Ignition program welcomed the Class of 2015 to PHS. It was a day full of activity. The freshman began the day with school pictures, paying registration fees, and purchasing their PE uniforms. They were then introduced to the mentors who will help make the transition to high school a bit smoother. The mentors supported their freshmen as they navigated their way through a low ropes course before lunch. In... read more!
    • Princeton High School
    • Renee Kozeal
    • Ignition Advisor
  • Anchorage West High SchoolWest Anchorage High School is the only secondary school in the Anchorage School District that is fortunate to have the Ignition Program. We are ending our third year and next year we will have our first mentored freshman class graduate as the Class of 2012! The Ignition Program is the core of a mentorship class that is taught during the school day so it looks a bit different from the other programs. With the support of our administrators... read more!
    • West Anchorage High School
    • Lourdes Linato-Crawford
    • Ignition Advisor
  • DSC_0327Al Raby High School was the first Chicago Public School to pilot the Ignition program. At an inner city school with a reputation for poor performance, behavior issues, and little participation the Ignite orientation day was a great success! The team of mentors customized the kickoff experience by facilitating a variety of interactive workshops as part of the half-day event. Raby’s outdoor ropes adventure received rave reviews by the freshma... read more!
    • Al Raby High School
    • Chicago, IL
  • student mentorsThe first day of school can be a stressful time for an incoming freshman. Even more so if a student has special needs. Every student wonders: Will I get lost? Will I see my friends? Will I make new friends? Is it going to be harder than middle school? For Dylan at Monroe High School in Monroe, MI the questions and uncertainty became very overwhelming. Dylan has a harder time than most establishing new relationships. His communication style... read more!
    • Monroe High School
    • Monroe, MI

What is Ignition?

The Ignition program is a research based, highly interactive and customized transition and peer mentorship program developed by FOCUS Training. It is specifically designed to make the transition of new students into the building a positive experience for everyone in your school.

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What We Do

The Ignition program utilizes consulting, training, curriculum, and support materials to successfully implement a new student orientation and peer mentorship program. Many schools that implement Ignition have components of a successful orientation or mentorship program. Ignition can help bring all of your current components together through our comprehensive approach, maximizing student achievement and development of 21st century skills.

How We Do It

Step 1 Consult - Professional Development, Training and Consulting for Staff

FOCUS Training will work with an advisory team to build a program that fits your school’s unique needs by considering mentor recruitment, time, space, budget, class size, related program and learning objectives. We will teach your Ignition advisors how to run every aspect of the program. We use pre-consulting assessments, on-site and/or off-site training, and ongoing consultation to ensure success at your school.

Step 2 Synergize – Professional Development and Organizational Structure for Mentors

At this phase, recruited Ignition mentors learn how to do their job well by developing leadership skills, understanding how to manage the organization, and begin planning for a full year of Ignition success. At the conclusion of this day committees will have been formed, and each committee will have several well developed goals to guide their efforts in preparation for an exciting first day.

We recommend a 1:10 or 2:10 Ignition mentor to mentee relationship.

Step 3 Train – Facilitation Training for Mentors and Preparation for Orientation

Mentors will learn how to facilitate the adventure course activities and manage all aspects of the Ignite and Fuel activities. They will learn how to provide safe, interactive, and educational training to develop 21st century skills for their team of new students.

Step 4 Ignite – Orientation Day

The first day of class will be packed with excitement! Students will be mentally and physically engaged in the process. With an adventure course, large group activities, a mock schedule, and much more – it will be the first of many exciting and meaningful changes within your school.

We have found that a freshman only first day is the most effective way to bring new students into the building. This allows for a deeper connection with mentors and staff by focusing on developing these new relationships.

Step 5 Fuel – Comprehensive Social and Academic Curriculum

This year-long curriculum includes 60 teaching guides and supporting documentation that will help mentors facilitate small group activities and discussions about topics that affect new students. These include: study habits, critical thinking, involvement, respect, exams, career exploration, healthy choices, test taking, tolerance and bullying, body image, life skills, and much more. The leadership development curriculum will give new students the skills they need to succeed throughout high school and beyond.

FOCUS Training recommends that your mentors meet with new students two to four times per month. This structure is set during the pre-consulting or consulting steps of implementation. Some schools utilize advisory periods while others find the time during lunch, homeroom, study halls, before or after school, etc.

Step 6 Refresh – Ongoing training for mentors – Sharing best practices and preparation for next year

The purpose of Refresh is to get Ignition Advisors and mentors re-energized for the second semester, work out any first semester challenges, and continue to improve the program overall. It is a time for mentors to sharpen their facilitation skills and prepare for successful Fuel activities for the second semester. All preparations for next year will also be organized.

Ignition Success

The Need for Ignition


Watch Videos and Testimonials

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